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Since 1985 APLOMET has helped organizations get the foundations right. A business strategy must be supported by effectively functioning operational processes, and we help organizations design, manage, measure and improve these processes. Design is based on international standards, excellence guidelines and/or widely accepted frameworks. Processes are monitored using audits and performance metrics, and corrective measures taken based on root cause analysis. We've consulted to Fortune 500 companies, family-owned businesses, nonprofit organizations, and start-ups. More than 700 organizations have sent individuals to our public workshops, including the manufacturing, healthcare, education, government and service sectors.    

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Many organizations have recurring problems that their corrective action process does not effectively address. The cause is often inadequate depth of the analysis ... fixing only the physical and not the system causes. We teach people how to distinguish...     

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Upcoming Events

September 19 - Conducting a webinar on Implementing Actions to Reduce Human Error (ISO 9001) for American Quality Institute.

September 28-29 - Conducting a Root Cause Analysis workshop for MSQPC in Memphis TN.

October 3 - Conducting a webinar on Risk Based Thinking: Requirements, Tools and Options for American Quality Institute.

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