Upcoming Events

The following courses are listed by the month in which they begin.  Contact us for detailed description of content, location, etc.

Following are comments from some previous course participants:

"The instructor answered all questions thoroughly and checked for comprehension"

"Excellent presenter -- dynamic, engaging and knowledgeable"

"I enjoyed the wide range/scope of examples"

"This is a great class -- would love to do it again!"

July 2017

July 14 - Conducting a webinar on Diagnosing and Preventing Human Error for Progressive Business Conferences.

July 25 - Conducting a webinar on Root Cause Analysis in Healthcare for Progressive Healthcare Conferences.

July 26 - Conducting a webinar on Analytics for Quality (and other MS) Auditors for ComplianceOnline.

July 27 - Conducting a 4-hour Root Cause Analysis bootcamp for Audiosolutionz.

August 2017

August 17 - Conducting a webinar on Customer Experience for AudioSolutionz.

September 2017

September 19 - Conducting a webinar on Implementing Actions to Reduce Human Error (ISO 9001) for American Quality Institute.

September 28-29 - Conducting a 2-day workshop on Root Cause Analysis for MSQPC in Memphis TN.

October 2017

October 3 - Conducting a webinar on Risk Based Thinking: Requirments, Tools and Options for American Quality Institute.

November 2017

November 9 - Conducting a webinar on Risk Based Thinking: Requirments, Tools and Options for American Quality Institute.

December 2017

December 6-8 - Conducting a 3-day Root Cause Analysis workshop for ASQ Learning Offerings in St. Petersburg FL.