The following courses are listed by the month in which they begin.  Contact us for detailed description of content, location, etc.

Following are comments from some previous course participants:

"The instructor answered all questions thoroughly and checked for comprehension"

"Excellent presenter -- dynamic, engaging and knowledgeable"

"I enjoyed the wide range/scope of examples"

"This is a great class -- would love to do it again!"

January 2019

January 14 - Speaking on Bowtie Risk Assessment with the ASQ section in Asheville NC.

January 17 - Speaking on Risk Ranking Audit Nonconformities with the ASQ section in Melbourne FL.

January 24 - Conducting a webinar on Decision Quality Management for AudioSolutionz.

January 28 - Conducting a webinar on Root Cause Analysis as the Critical Core of Corrective Action for

February 2019

February 11 - Speaking with the ASQ section in Tampa/St. Pete FL.

February 19 - Conducting a webinar on Critical Issues in Risk Assessment and Management for AudioSolutionz.

February 21 - Conducting a webinar on Using Analytics to Plan Internal Audits for

February 27-28 - Conducting a Root Cause Analysis workshop for the GMMDC in Memphis.

March 2019

March 19 - Conducting a webinar on Finding Causes and Selecting Solutions for Human Error for

March 20 - Conducting a webinar on A Metric for Measuring the Value of Audits for AudioSolutionz.

April 2019

April 16 - Conducting a webinar on Two Vital Tree Diagrams for Risk Assessment and Decision Making for AudioSolutionz.

May 2019

May 21 - Speaking on Bowtie Risk Assessment with the APICS Appalachain chapter in Johnson City TN.