I’m amazed at how frequently things go wrong.  In my recent experiences 80% of the time.  Here are some details:

– Failure – Had new garage door installed.  Tech shorted out a wire to my alarm system which took out the phone line for 3 days (phone company doesn’t work weekends).

– Failure – Had normal maintenance done on a vehicle.  Tech didn’t properly connect a wire and ended up causing an engine light warning so had to take it to another dealer while on a long trip.

– Failure – Another dealer quoted a huge amount to fix engine oil leaks on another vehicle; said they would only do it be replacing all gaskets.  Took it to another shop and found all gaskets but one "dry as a bone," and replaced the one actually leaking (which is known as a high failure on this engine).  Cost 1/5 of what original dealer quoted.  Won’t talk here about two other failures with the same dealer.

– Failure – Had old trees trimmed back to reduce probability of major limbs falling off.  They cut wrong limb off on one tree.

– Success – Had bridge and deck boards replaced, and house stained/painted.  All went well

So of 5 major maintenance projects in the past five months only one (20%) was done with no glitches.

I’ve always said that I will never be out of work, given the number of times organizations screw up.