I’ve often thought, evidently mistakenly, that someone in a professional role in healthcare would put the health of others above that of themselves.  I guess we’ve now seen at least 2 nurses and one doctor in the Ebola arena in the US who definitely do not think that way.  The doctor lied about where he’d been, and both nurses have ignored basic logic about the potential for spreading Ebola and gone out into the public … public risk ignored.

One of the major reasons our society is disintegrating is the pervasive nature of this lack of professionism.  The IRS, the VA, the Catholic church … over and over, we’ve seen major institutions that one would think could be trusted, but where that trust has been highly damaged.  Even the CDC has been turned into a political organization, rather than one intended to protect us.  And no comment is really needed about the appointment of a lawyer, with no healthcare knowledge, to the role of Ebola Czar.

So I would propose that each of us needs to take a really hard look at the decisions we make on a day to day basis.  Washington DC is probably far beyond repair, but in our communities, organizations and families, we can still demonstrate what a quality life is.