I’ve probably said this before, but it bears repeating given the number of occurrences we keep experiencing.

I used to believe that when organizations failed it was often a function of competency.  I’ve come to believe (perhaps I’m just jaded?) that it’s not competence, but a lack of ethics that is behind so many failures.

The drive for profits, lack of concern for stakeholders, focus on self-interest, etc. … these are signs of people who know what they’re doing isn’t in the long term interest of the organization, but they frankly don’t care.  They lack any real concern for others, and are willing to do anything to further their own interests, even if it’s unethical, illegal, etc.

Wells Fargo, Experion, Peanut Corporation of America, … the list is all too easy to create.

I hope that if you are a quality professional that you see ethics as part of the equation.