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April 2019

April 30 - Conducting a webinar on Why You Should Use ISO 19011 to Guide Your Internal Quality (and other Management System) Audits for ComplianceIQ. 

May 2019

May 21 - Speaking on Bowtie Risk Assessment with the APICS Appalachain chapter in Johnson City TN.  

May 22 - Conducting a 1/2-day workshop on Human Error for the ASQ section in Knoxville TN.

May 22 - Speaking on "Dealing with Can't Find Root Cause Situations" and "Why You Should Use ISO 19011 to Guide Your Audit Program" with the ASQ section in Knoxville TN.

May 23 - Conducting a webinar on The Top Major Barriers to Root Cause Analysis Effectiveness, and How to Deal with Them for Pioneer Educator.

June 2019

June 18 - Conducting a webinar on Guidance for the Corrective Action Process: 5Y, A3 & 8D for ComplianceIQ.

June 19 - Conducting a webinar on Getting Better Leverage from Your Internal Quality (and other management system) Audits through Analytics for Pioneer Educator.

July 2019

July 16 - Conducting a webinar on The Two Most Powerful Root Cause Analysis Tools and How to Use Them for ComplianceIQ.

July 18 - Conducting a webinar on Using Multi-Vari Charts to Sort Thru Multiple Problem Causes for Pioneer Educator.

Musings: My Blog

Digital Infrastructures

Just completed some work with US Postal Service, and boy was I impressed.  They are way ahead of most commercial industry in the digital transformation. And it helped me realize how much work it takes for them to execute their mission as well as they do, day after...

Good Webinar on Poor Risk Assessment Practices

I did a webinar yesterday titled Critical Issues with Risk Assessment and Risk Management.  Then today I watched a webinar offered by the FAIR Institute.  Seemed like an echo!  Here's the link to the free one from Open FAIR ... worth your time if you are serious about...

Second Edition of RCA Book Now Available

The first edition was published in 2008, so I was really looking forward to adding what I've learned since then.  The 2nd edition is now posted on the ASQ Quality Press website, so should be available for ordering.  Here's a summary of the changes: Root Cause...

Bad Quality Trend

I'm amazed at how frequently things go wrong.  In my recent experiences 80% of the time.  Here are some details: - Failure - Had new garage door installed.  Tech shorted out a wire to my alarm system which took out the phone line for 3 days (phone...

Automated RCA

 An interesting article on automated RCA by MicroSoft: It's only a matter of time before this also becomes the norm for organizational process failures as digitialization of...

(Un)Advanced Quality

I thought I'd see what people might be thinking about what it would take to move to a more advanced level of quality, so I googled the term.  Just about all items coming up were about eQMS (computer software for managing quality systems) and lean/six-sigma....

Sold Out!

 The Who:  Amazon The What:  My book on Root Cause Analysis The When:  Today The How Much:  Inventory was about 18 three weeks ago. Of course they'll be restocked in a few days. I always enjoy watching the sales...

Roy Orbison Returns (as a Hologram)

So what does this have to do with quality?  Well I could have simply watched some Roy Orbison videos on YouTube, but wanted to see the holotechnology in action.  It was pretty decent. And it didn't seem like a ghost, although I'm sure they could modify it...

Second Edition of RCA Book Coming Up!

 I submitted the revised manuscript last week to the publisher.  Don't know when it will be done, but looking forward to seeing it out.  About 30% additional material over the 2009 edition.  Now, on to my next new book!

Another OS Debacle

Absolutely amazing ... Now it's Apple.  A recent OS update (5.1) for the watch locks up the device and it must be returned!Methinks there is a major issue with lousy software testing at both MicroSoft and Apple.

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