First let me state that I am not a medical professional, and have not read all the studies that have been done on whether or not HCQ (+ zinc and azithromycin) are effective in treating COVID.  In the limited info I have read I believe it’s unlikely to be effective when a patient is pretty far along in the illness, but may be if used early enough.

That being said, what has frustrated me the most is how the dialogue immediately shifted after Trump came out for HCQ use.  Suddenly it seemed everyone said it was not useful.  The question is: Did they say that because they had studied it, or because Trump was for it (and they hate him and were against anything he said/did)?

I expect it was a lot of the latter.  And that shows just how irrational a lot of people in society are today.  Opinions are used to evaluate things for which only facts have any useful contribution.