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Since 1985 APLOMET has helped organizations get the foundations right. A business strategy must be supported by effectively functioning operational processes, and we help organizations design, manage, measure and improve these processes. Design is based on international standards, excellence guidelines and/or widely accepted frameworks. Processes are monitored using audits and performance metrics, and corrective measures taken based on root cause analysis. We’ve consulted to Fortune 500 companies, family-owned businesses, nonprofit organizations, and start-ups. More than 700 organizations have sent individuals to our public workshops, including the manufacturing, healthcare, education, government and service sectors.

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Upcoming Events

April 2019

April 30 - Conducting a webinar on Why You Should Use ISO 19011 to Guide Your Internal Quality (and other Management System) Audits for ComplianceIQ. 

May 2019

May 21 - Speaking on Bowtie Risk Assessment with the APICS Appalachain chapter in Johnson City TN.  

May 22 - Conducting a 1/2-day workshop on Human Error for the ASQ section in Knoxville TN.

May 22 - Speaking on "Dealing with Can't Find Root Cause Situations" and "Why You Should Use ISO 19011 to Guide Your Audit Program" with the ASQ section in Knoxville TN.

May 23 - Conducting a webinar on The Top Major Barriers to Root Cause Analysis Effectiveness, and How to Deal with Them for Pioneer Educator.

June 2019

June 18 - Conducting a webinar on Guidance for the Corrective Action Process: 5Y, A3 & 8D for ComplianceIQ.

June 19 - Conducting a webinar on Getting Better Leverage from Your Internal Quality (and other management system) Audits through Analytics for Pioneer Educator.

July 2019

July 16 - Conducting a webinar on The Two Most Powerful Root Cause Analysis Tools and How to Use Them for ComplianceIQ.

July 18 - Conducting a webinar on Using Multi-Vari Charts to Sort Thru Multiple Problem Causes for Pioneer Educator.

Musings: My Blog

What’s This Quality 4.0?

I've now watched at least 3 different webinars on Quality 4.0, and read several articles.  I've also perused topics at conferences supposedly focused on it. I have yet to see anything radically different.  Just more evoluation of what we've done in the past,...

And This is What They’re Doing!

So the last post talked about how MicroSoft doesn't seem to care about the damage they do to your computer with their upgrades.Watch out for the October update!

MicroSoft Confirms They Don’t Care

I've complained before about MicroSoft destroying one of my computers with an upgrade.  It evidently wasn't compatible with my hardware and wiped out the SSD memory. Now they've confirmed they couldn't care less.  With the October 2018 update some people are...

Free Webinars on Quality

The Blue Ridge VA section of ASQ has really excelled in serving the quality community, and not only for their local members.  For some time now they have offered several free webinars every month. Here's a link to the youtube channel where past webinars can be...

Free Webinar on Monte Carlo Simulation

If you're involved in process improvement, project management, performance estimation (and just about anything that has multiple factors with variation) you might be interested in Monte Carlo simulation as an analysis tool.  Here's access to a free webinar I did...

Uh, Yeah (duh!) Headline

So here's the headline I'm referencing.  Do you think they might have been able to add a bit more value? Bigger Projects Require More Intense Schedule Management

Problems with Project Risk Management

A study has shown that an effective risk management process is the greatest contributor to project success.  Unfortunately it's often not used, or if done, not well. For projects, there aren't opportunities for do-overs ... once the time is gone and the money is...

Long Way to Go?

As occurred with ISO 13485, AS 9100 got a boot in risk management requirements with the latest edition.  However, surprisingly it only applies to section 8, the operations clauses (e.g., design, purchasing, production, etc.).  Yet there are six other clauses...

Redefining Risk Management

It's good to see all the conversations around risk management today.  More and more people are realizing that having a list of risks and reviewing it occassionally is not really the purpose.  What risk management is about is trying to help the organization...

Lack of Learning?

One of the statistics that keeps floating around is that about 80% of new initiatives fail. This can apply to things like Six Sigma, Lean, new computer systems (e.g., ERP), etc.  Of course, failure is likely defined differently by different organizations and for...

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