The first edition was published in 2008, so I was really looking forward to adding what I’ve learned since then.  The 2nd edition is now posted on the ASQ Quality Press website, so should be available for ordering.  Here’s a summary of the changes:

Root Cause Analysis: The Core of Problem Solving and Corrective Action (2nd ed.) has been released.  It includes approximately 25% more content than the previous edition.

Although text throughout the book was edited to add clarity or more detail, following are some of the key additions to the book:

In the sections on finding root causes additions include:

  • more examples on the use of multi-vari charts
  • how thought experiments can help guide data interpretation
  • how to enhance the value of the data collection process
  • cautions for analyzing data
  • what to do if one can’t find the causes.

For the section on solution identification biomimicry and TRIZ were added as potential solution identification techniques, as was an important view of how one can choose to act at different levels of the system.

Several additions were also made to appendixes, including:

  • An expanded breakdown of the 7 M’s, which includes more than 50 specific possible causes
  • Forms for tracking causes and solutions, which can help maintain alignment of actions
  • Techniques for how to enhance the interview process
  • Example responses to problem situations the reader can analyze for appropriateness