With no disrespect intended towards a specific auditor, given that the same bad logic is used my many others, I want to point out a fallacy about ISO 9000 registration.  Here’s the specific quote to which I am referring: "Implementing
the requirements of ISO 9001 can be a daunting task for many organizations. In
an attempt to develop a system that will pass the registration audit, we are
tempted to establish processes with the primary purpose of conforming to the
requirements of ISO 9001. In doing so, however, it is easy to lose sight of the
primary intent of the standard: to continually improve the effectiveness of the
quality management system (QMS) implemented at our organization."

In other words, the author us saying it’s the fault of the organization, not the ISO standard, if the QMS is no good.

I would beg to differ.  If meeting the requirements of the standard doesn’t result in an effective QMS, I would offer the high chance that the standard itself is faulty.