The Institute of Internal Auditors recently released their 2021 Internal Audit Assessment Tool (for Audit Committees).  The audit committee is a committee overseeing and reporting to the Board of Directors on complaince, risk and governance issues.

As I was reading the document I highlighted several items I really liked:

  • Has Internal Audit had a positive impact on the organization since the last assessment?
  • Are there clear links between the audit plan and the organization’s strategic objectives and risks?
  • Is the audit team using transformational technology, such as advanced data analytics, robot process automation, process mining, machine learning and AI to identify risk trends and anomalies?
  • Does the Internal Audit team use quality processes and engage in continuous improvement efforts?

Many many more great questions are posed, including a section on Skepticism (I would call it Critical Thinking and add a few items to their list).

Here’s where you can download a copy of the document: