I recently visited a museum in FL that is described as the 60,000 sq. ft. winter retreat for Henry Flagler, a magnate in the late 19th century.  Here’s a link to the site about the museum:  http://www.flaglermuseum.us/

I found it interesting to look at the home in light of the current debate over the 1%’ers.  Supposedly they’re building mansions like never before.  Well I would say that Henry Flagler was more than 100 years ahead of them.

The point is that there have always been entrepreneurs who took risks and gained great financial benefit, just as society gained from what the entrepreneurs developed.  So if you want to stop the 1%’ers just remember what else you’ll have to give up … progress.  You won’t see many of the 99%’ers (especially those Occupying Wall Street) working their buns off to develop breakthroughs in science, medicine, software, etc.