Purchased some HP laser printer cartridges from Office Depot a week or so ago, which I’ve done several dozen times over many years.  Got an email asking how the purchase/delivery process had gone.  Ok, maybe a little value.

But today I got an email asking me to rate the cartridges themselves.  What sense does that make?  It’s not like it’s a new product?  Never got that request before.  Wonder what they really wanted.  I opted out.

That got me thinking about just how much noise we see every day, and how little we see of value.  LinkedIn is a good example.  All those announcements of people having been with X company for Y years.  People hit the auto “congrats” button.  The original message is automated.  The responses are zero value.  And all the posts that say “look what I’ve accomplished” …  I swear it reminds me of an online high school yearbook.

Then of course there’s Twitter.  I tried it many years ago when it was new, then realized just how ridiculous it was and quit.  Now I know why it’s called Twitter … many of the users are Twits!

And of course the whole Trump/Mueller Russian collusion thing is a phenomenal example of the amount of wasted time and resources spent by celebrities, news (supposedly) organizations, politicians, etc.  Lots of noise, nothing of value.